Saturday, July 26, 2014

"None Shall Pass!"

Now for something completely different, and kind of "nasty":
So, not a HUGE fan of Monty Python, but the theme for "sketch_dailies" the other day was "The Black Knight" from "Holy Grail". I reviewed the scene from YouTube, and noticed not only Graham Chapman's "Arthur" and John Cleese's "Black Knight", but also the reaction shots of "Patsy" played by Terry Gilliam.(and don't side kick characters always turn out to be the favorites?)  I rolled with that and placed my "Patsy" in the foreground, making him seem to be larger than the other two characters. I also exaggerated the size difference between Arthur and the Black  Knight.  I got lazy and relieved myself of the burden of drawing Patsy's backpack, thus relieving him of the trouble of carrying it. But please take note of the coconut shells.
Oh, and I kept the scene in gray tones, except for the blood, and the Black Knights insignia thing, which is a reference to one of my earlier pieces. See if you can find which one!

A little trivia for my "Universal" peeps: Did you know that the Production Designer on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was "Roy Forge Smith", who 30 years later did the design work for the "Ghost Whisperer" series. So he's the one tasked with turning Courthouse Square (Back to the Future's "Hill Valley") into "Grandview" for that series.


Charles Z said...

Nice job Robert. MP's Holy Grail is one of my all time favorite movies. You handled the theme well.

Robertgold said...

Thanks, Charles!