Monday, September 15, 2014

"Block" party

So, the theme was "Peter Pan". I decided to give "Peter" a different body type than the one you're used to seeing. And of course, I placed him in the environment of the Darling nursery, and included Pete's shadow. The blocks in the foreground represent: A classic cult television show,(which I've never actually watched), a term for top tier celebrities, and the "B" block? If that one doesn't register with you, then watch the video at the end of the post.

"The Skellington Dance"

Having more fun with "Sketch Dailies" on twitter. The subject here was "Jack Skellington". I thought I would reference the very first Disney "Silly Symphony".
Here's the original from YouTube:
And below, is a lesser known "Silly Symphony" that was a YouTube recommendation for viewers of "The Skeleton Dance". It's from 1931, meaning it predates Universal's first "Mummy" movie by at least a year, since that was released in December of 1932. I just now discovered this one, and was in awe of the amazing animated backgrounds that you see after the spider enters the tomb. It bears a striking similarity to a modern video game, except that the artist here obviously did not have the advantage of a computer. The person just really "got" perspective. Also, pop culture references happened back then as well, as evidenced by the tribute to Al Jolson at around 2:29.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

King Of The Wild Interior

The theme a few days ago over at "sketch dailies" was "Davey Crockett". I chose to focus on the period when the classic show was in its heyday, with a few "retro" pop culture references. If you get the reference to "Medfield", then good for you! If not, do a search for "Medfield College". Better yet, just click here:
Medfield College
I like to think of myself as an honorary alumnus as I sit here at the computer,...wearing tennis shoes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"None Shall Pass!"

Now for something completely different, and kind of "nasty":
So, not a HUGE fan of Monty Python, but the theme for "sketch_dailies" the other day was "The Black Knight" from "Holy Grail". I reviewed the scene from YouTube, and noticed not only Graham Chapman's "Arthur" and John Cleese's "Black Knight", but also the reaction shots of "Patsy" played by Terry Gilliam.(and don't side kick characters always turn out to be the favorites?)  I rolled with that and placed my "Patsy" in the foreground, making him seem to be larger than the other two characters. I also exaggerated the size difference between Arthur and the Black  Knight.  I got lazy and relieved myself of the burden of drawing Patsy's backpack, thus relieving him of the trouble of carrying it. But please take note of the coconut shells.
Oh, and I kept the scene in gray tones, except for the blood, and the Black Knights insignia thing, which is a reference to one of my earlier pieces. See if you can find which one!

A little trivia for my "Universal" peeps: Did you know that the Production Designer on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was "Roy Forge Smith", who 30 years later did the design work for the "Ghost Whisperer" series. So he's the one tasked with turning Courthouse Square (Back to the Future's "Hill Valley") into "Grandview" for that series.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fly The Friendly Skies!

The theme over at sketch dailies the other day was "Wonder Woman". I'm not sure, but of all the submissions, I think I may be the only one to place Wonder Woman in a version of her iconic "Invisible Plane". Here you can see how I worked the pose and attitude of the character separately. I made good use of the photoshop "stroke" tool to create the outline of the plane.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Hope you had a fabulous 4th, with mustard!

The government says I can use photoshop for my coloring. I do sometimes, but this time, I stuck mainly with colored pencils. The theme was "Uncle Sam", so I thought I'd reference a commercial I remember from when I was younger, and maybe one you remember from when you were younger too!
(note: I re-did the "final" version with a blue coat, which is how the character is traditionally dressed.)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Up to his old tricks again!

My latest entry for "Sketch Dailies" The theme was the "Joker". I sometimes like to put my characters in some kind of environment, so I chose a little "carnival" with the Joker as sort of a "barker" character, with a really low, tilted horizon (almost like an angle from the sixties TV series), with some exaggerated perspective.

Rule* of "Thump".

As a lot of you know, I owe a LOT of the progress I've made with my art to my friend Charles Zembillas and his school,  The Animation Academy, where I've actually had the opportunity to be an instructor as well as a student. Below are some sample pieces from a personal project that Charles has been working on since the 1980s. It's a project which Charles is just now preparing to unveil to the World. From the looks of the first piece, part of the story takes place in a hostile, treacherous environment with vicious beasts and rocky terrain, probably full of high, towering Montgomery cliffs! (Charles has a thing for puns, I couldn't resist). The most recent chapter is mainly in "rough" form, as seen in the second piece here. I included it because there's an appeal to the roughs that I really like. It's one of my favorites.  I won't say anything more, as I'd like everyone to click on the link below and peruse the body of work so far for yourselves.

*"rule" here doesn't mean a directive or guideline, so much as it means a "dominion", or a "reign", as in "Thump's going to rule!". 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My latest entry for "Sketch Dailies". The theme was "Piglet". I envisioned Piglet as a giant, wild boar. I was influenced here by :King Kong, "Iron Giant", "The Amazing Colossal Man" and others. I also took the bold move to draw the characters from memory.