Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fly The Friendly Skies!

The theme over at sketch dailies the other day was "Wonder Woman". I'm not sure, but of all the submissions, I think I may be the only one to place Wonder Woman in a version of her iconic "Invisible Plane". Here you can see how I worked the pose and attitude of the character separately. I made good use of the photoshop "stroke" tool to create the outline of the plane.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Hope you had a fabulous 4th, with mustard!

The government says I can use photoshop for my coloring. I do sometimes, but this time, I stuck mainly with colored pencils. The theme was "Uncle Sam", so I thought I'd reference a commercial I remember from when I was younger, and maybe one you remember from when you were younger too!
(note: I re-did the "final" version with a blue coat, which is how the character is traditionally dressed.)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Up to his old tricks again!

My latest entry for "Sketch Dailies" The theme was the "Joker". I sometimes like to put my characters in some kind of environment, so I chose a little "carnival" with the Joker as sort of a "barker" character, with a really low, tilted horizon (almost like an angle from the sixties TV series), with some exaggerated perspective.

Rule* of "Thump".

As a lot of you know, I owe a LOT of the progress I've made with my art to my friend Charles Zembillas and his school,  The Animation Academy, where I've actually had the opportunity to be an instructor as well as a student. Below are some sample pieces from a personal project that Charles has been working on since the 1980s. It's a project which Charles is just now preparing to unveil to the World. From the looks of the first piece, part of the story takes place in a hostile, treacherous environment with vicious beasts and rocky terrain, probably full of high, towering Montgomery cliffs! (Charles has a thing for puns, I couldn't resist). The most recent chapter is mainly in "rough" form, as seen in the second piece here. I included it because there's an appeal to the roughs that I really like. It's one of my favorites.  I won't say anything more, as I'd like everyone to click on the link below and peruse the body of work so far for yourselves.

*"rule" here doesn't mean a directive or guideline, so much as it means a "dominion", or a "reign", as in "Thump's going to rule!". 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My latest entry for "Sketch Dailies". The theme was "Piglet". I envisioned Piglet as a giant, wild boar. I was influenced here by :King Kong, "Iron Giant", "The Amazing Colossal Man" and others. I also took the bold move to draw the characters from memory.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Yeah, Baby!"

First thing, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for visiting my blog! I'm really enjoying "Sketch Dailies" on twitter! It's like having a job, but with less pressure and no pay, but with a fresh new assignment each weekday! And the talent from all over the world you see there is diverse and amazing! Today's theme was to interpret a "Mummy". I thought I'd reference the classic "Coppertone" ads, with a baby mummy, and an "Anubis" like dog. As usual, there is an "energy" I get from my blue pencil sketch that I feel kind of gets lost in the final. Go to to see some other takes on this, and numerous other themes.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

"Back To The Future"

My latest contribution to the "Sketch Dailies" twitter account. The theme was to interpret "The Jetsons". I decided to do a "Flash Gordon" thing with them (sort of a "retro within a retro") with George as a heroic "Flash", Jane as Dale, Elroy and Astro as ...Elroy and Astro (Astro looking a little fiercer than usual), and Mr. Spacely chewing the scenery as "Ming", with Judy as his captive. I tried to make "Rosie" into a simplified version of the fembot in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". In fact, sometimes as an artist, I see myself as sort of a "Professor Rotwang". Anybody else ever feel that way? You do? I tried to stick with flat values, in grey tones of course, and purposely shyed  away from excessive shading and highlighting, using it mainly on Spacely/Ming.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sword of Deliverance?

I'm really enjoying @Sketch_Dailies on twitter! It really keeps you on your toes as an artist! I'm in awe of the work I'm seeing there, and astonished at how quickly some of it gets posted, sometimes only a few hours or less after the theme for the day has been revealed! The skill and speed of some of the artists is unbelievable.
 An easy way to see what I mean is to visit the official site: This is my interpretation of the theme, "Lady of the Lake". It's an homage to "Deliverance" and "Excalibur", both directed by John Boorman. I tried to give the "Ned Beatty" character an anxious and...uh...vulnerable look.