Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Rule* of "Thump".

As a lot of you know, I owe a LOT of the progress I've made with my art to my friend Charles Zembillas and his school,  The Animation Academy, where I've actually had the opportunity to be an instructor as well as a student. Below are some sample pieces from a personal project that Charles has been working on since the 1980s. It's a project which Charles is just now preparing to unveil to the World. From the looks of the first piece, part of the story takes place in a hostile, treacherous environment with vicious beasts and rocky terrain, probably full of high, towering Montgomery cliffs! (Charles has a thing for puns, I couldn't resist). The most recent chapter is mainly in "rough" form, as seen in the second piece here. I included it because there's an appeal to the roughs that I really like. It's one of my favorites.  I won't say anything more, as I'd like everyone to click on the link below and peruse the body of work so far for yourselves.

*"rule" here doesn't mean a directive or guideline, so much as it means a "dominion", or a "reign", as in "Thump's going to rule!". 

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