Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Yeah, Baby!"

First thing, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for visiting my blog! I'm really enjoying "Sketch Dailies" on twitter! It's like having a job, but with less pressure and no pay, but with a fresh new assignment each weekday! And the talent from all over the world you see there is diverse and amazing! Today's theme was to interpret a "Mummy". I thought I'd reference the classic "Coppertone" ads, with a baby mummy, and an "Anubis" like dog. As usual, there is an "energy" I get from my blue pencil sketch that I feel kind of gets lost in the final. Go to to see some other takes on this, and numerous other themes.


Charles Z said...

Nice work Robert. Looks like you're having fun with themed projects.

Robertgold said...

Charles, I was just thinking, if I have only one person commenting on my blog, there's not too many I'd rather have than you. Thanks for the feed back, and be sure to tell the students at the Academy about "Sketch Dailes", if you haven't already.