Saturday, June 07, 2014

"Back To The Future"

My latest contribution to the "Sketch Dailies" twitter account. The theme was to interpret "The Jetsons". I decided to do a "Flash Gordon" thing with them (sort of a "retro within a retro") with George as a heroic "Flash", Jane as Dale, Elroy and Astro as ...Elroy and Astro (Astro looking a little fiercer than usual), and Mr. Spacely chewing the scenery as "Ming", with Judy as his captive. I tried to make "Rosie" into a simplified version of the fembot in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". In fact, sometimes as an artist, I see myself as sort of a "Professor Rotwang". Anybody else ever feel that way? You do? I tried to stick with flat values, in grey tones of course, and purposely shyed  away from excessive shading and highlighting, using it mainly on Spacely/Ming.

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