Monday, September 15, 2014

"The Skellington Dance"

Having more fun with "Sketch Dailies" on twitter. The subject here was "Jack Skellington". I thought I would reference the very first Disney "Silly Symphony".
Here's the original from YouTube:
And below, is a lesser known "Silly Symphony" that was a YouTube recommendation for viewers of "The Skeleton Dance". It's from 1931, meaning it predates Universal's first "Mummy" movie by at least a year, since that was released in December of 1932. I just now discovered this one, and was in awe of the amazing animated backgrounds that you see after the spider enters the tomb. It bears a striking similarity to a modern video game, except that the artist here obviously did not have the advantage of a computer. The person just really "got" perspective. Also, pop culture references happened back then as well, as evidenced by the tribute to Al Jolson at around 2:29.

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