Monday, November 14, 2011

Yabba Dabba Draw!

So, I've been staying productive with the job, teaching once a week and prepping my work for the upcoming CTN Animation Expo this coming weekend.http:// Meanwhile, here's the final version of the "Flintstonian" Target store. I fixed some of the color on the marquee, and I colored the hat brims on the security guards, which I neglected to do earlier.

I'm also working of ideas for other environs of Bedrock, making fun of more of our 21st century pop-culture and branding. Hopefully, you can make out what's happening in this next piece, and I've also shown you some "process" stages which may give you an some insight into my process, and can help explain how something kind of scribbly can develop into something solid that I hope is pleasing to look at.

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