Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Draw Marvel The Disney Way

Press Release: With the recent acquisition of Marvel Comics by the Disney Company, a new era of synergy is upon us, as the two entertainment giants now join forces to create a fresh batch of hybrid characters, sure to delight and enthrall both young and old. Attendees at this year's annual "M62D23B52 HIKE!" Fan-Con, were treated to an exclusive first look at these new personalities.
The action starts up in the sky!! They're chipmunks! They're roasting! They're open fires! Meet the Flaming Rodents! Joining them in their mid-air antics are the Silver Stitch, and, with a growing nose and a glowing heart, there are no strings on him! HE IS IRON BOY!
More down to earth adventures continue. Beware of the temptations of that seductive blue shapeshiftress, Minnique! Behind her, "It's Beat Down Time" with Stoneleg! And neither visual impairment, nor an irascible temper can hold back Devil Duck! Next, he'll huff, he'll puff, he'll cut you good! Who's afraid of Wolferine!? Whistle while you work...the weather! The anti-dote to global warming, it's "Snow"! Let's not forget canines! Beware the searing gaze of "Hot Spot"! He'd better look out because somebody's after his hide! Right behind you Hot Spot! Can't you smell the smoke? It's Magnetta, the "magnet chick"! She and Hot Spot are the stars of "101 Mutations"! Now things have really gone to the dogs! "Gaaaaawwwwwrrrsh!" He's green and mean! It's Mad Dawg! He's joined by another furry fascinating friend, the Fantastic Elastic Puptastic! Turning our glance skyward again, patriotism was never this funny! You aint never had a friend like...Captain Agrabah! Behind him, that web spinner who's made for you and me! You're friendly Toontown Spidermouse! And beware the discipline of the Punishment Pixie!
We feel confident that these new characters will join the ranks of their classic forerunners to inspire generations to come!
Look for more adventures under the sea with the Submariel! Mythic heroism with the Mighty Thorcules! And strap yourself into a flaming Doom Buggy, with the Ghost Host Rider! And let us say:

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