Thursday, March 19, 2009

The same venue, but with a slightly different vibe...

Just this past night, I returned to Sam French's for another event, a book signing for that "Art of Monsters vs. Aliens" book that Don Hahn was perusing. Here's a shot of the films art director, David James. To hear him speak about the film go to, go to "behind the scenes", then to "the crew", then click on "David James", then click on "watch the interview". You got all that?Here's David with Linda Sunshine, who wrote the text for the book.

Here's a shot of the cover. The jacket artwork was created specifically for the book, and the size range of the characters supposedly made for quite a challenge to show them all in a group shot.

As you can see, the turnout was little higher this time, but it still made for a very intimate evening. (i.e. it certainly was not Comic Con).

This is a movie I'm really looking forward to. It was nice of Samuel French to hold two animation events over the course of less than a week, and very nice of Don, Eric, David and Linda to be so generous with their time. As they used to say in my Navy days, "Bravo Zulu"!


Parka said...

I love the art book for Monsters vs Aliens. There's a short review on my blog.

I've also the other art book by Linda Sunshine also, The Art of Open Season.

She writes good books.

Robertgold said...

The art on the title page of the "Open Season" book is by Richard Chavez. He also has worked at Dreamworks on pictures like their "Sinbad" movie. I just tried a Google search on "Richie Chavez" and "images". If you do this, you'll find some good stuff.